Local authorities:

  • Beaume Drobie’s Intercommunal Tourism Office: www.tourisme-beaumedrobie.fr
  •  Monts d’Ardèche Natural Regional Park: www.parc-monts-ardeche.fr
  • Beaume Drobie’s commune community  : www.pays-beaumedrobie.com
  • Ardèche general council: http://www.ardeche.fr
  • Beaume Drobie’s rivers organization: the trade union’s mission is the sustainable and balanced management of water resources and aquatic environments. The goal is to find the best balance between protecting water and environments, and satisfying the uses that are made of it. http://www.rivieres-beaume-drobie.fr 
    For any information concerning your private sanitation (existing or during your installation) contact the SPANC, public non-collective sanitation service at Mail: spanc@rivieres-beaume-drobie.fr

Websites contributing to the enhancement of environmental, historical and human heritage:


Involved organizations



  • A website created in particular to provide a solution to medical deserts, which links the user with general practitioners or specialists: https://www.mesdocteurs.com

Everyday life