Willem Weenink

  • Painter.
  • Willem welcomes you to visit his workshop by appointment.
  • Phone:

Christine Marquier

  • Oil paintings, watercolors. Realizations on request of billboards, posters, illustrations …
  • Phone:

Mathilde Garnier



Painter – Illustrator (oil paintings, inks, watercolors …).

Realization on order, creation logo, posters, visiting cards …

Editions Thilda – Children’s Books







Youth book, “Kéka-le secret”

For 3-8 years. Illustrations-Oils on canvas

“Keka is a mischievous Lutine who lives in a garden, maybe yours if you look good.

If you do not have one, it has definitely elected domicile in your flower box or one of your flower pots.

A story about Wildflower, Papa Vent and gardeners … ”

To order:  http://mathilde-garnier.com/livres-jeunesse/keka-le-secret/ and in bookstore. 





Contact: Le Grimaldes, 07260 Sablières.

Phone: +33(0) 9 88 66 71 87

Mail: garniermathilde07@gmail.com

Website: http://mathilde-garnier.com