Sablières website’s opening!

    Welcome to Sablières website!

    I hope that it will be useful to those who live here, that it will make people want to discover our territory, and that it will be a link between all the people who have a part of their heart in our mountains.

    I would like to thank Elyane Eschalier for her research on the history of the village and all the documents she transmitted to me; Régis Astic and Lhorens for the pictures they put at my disposal, as well as all those who gave me information about their activities.
    In this site, there are 2 tools that I encourage you to use:

    • THE AGENDA: in order to make known the dates of the meetings or other events that you organize.

    • SMALL ADS page: which is made to sell (objects, home, …), barter, search a property or a rental, ask for something … You send me a message from “contact”, and I put it online.

    On the other hand, there are probably people I did not see before doing the site and who are not listed, (pro, artist, lodging / seasonal rental, asso …). Do not hesitate to send me a message so that I will add your  information.
    Finally, if you are stuck on history, fauna, flora, stones, or anything else, your contributions and suggestions are welcome.

    I will end by expressing a deep gratitude to those who have preceded us, for some of us, our ancestors, those who shaped these mountains, and left in heritage not only stones, and history, but also values of sharing, which I hope will continue to animate us.

    All the best,


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